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License No. 24010095

LUCY'S RUN is a vineyard and 80 acre mixed farm of 750 olive trees and 10 acres of grapes. A few beef cattle roam the remaining acres accompanied by our 3 pet donkeys.

We sell wines crafted from our three varieties of grapes grown on the banks of Black Creek- merlot, verdelho, and shiraz

Our wine-maker, David Hook, produces 5 styles of delicious wine from these estate-grown grapes:





Lucy In The Sky Bubbly Rose

Bejo's Blush -NEW!!!

A new wine for the new year! Bejo's Blush is a Rose made from Shiraz this year instead of our usual Merlot. This is to mark it out as different in two ways - richer and drier than the previous Rose, but also 15% of the profits on sales of Bejo's Blush will be donated to the Orang-utan Foundation International (Aust) Ltd www.orangutan.org.au to assist in protecting and reclaiming the habitat of this gentle but threatened species.

We also produce and sell cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and delicious home-marinated olives, both black and green, accompanied by home-made dukkah.(A spicy toasted nut mixture delicious when served with oil and bread or spread over meats and BBQed)



View of the Brokenbacks from the Homestead


Three varieties of wine: Merlot, Verdelho and Shiraz


Marinated black olives in Chilli, Garlic and Oregano with a slurp of Shiraz




eMail: jjmears@bigpond.com